Are you ready to be cared for?


I am so honored that you have chosen to consider us for your family’s healthcare team.

I started Centered in Wellness in 2014, joined by some of my favorite people, with a vision to create the type of clinic I have always wanted to be able to offer my patients. My goal, and the goal for the rest of my staff, is to really be able to provide health-CARE the way we envision it can be. 

I have always been driven by a commitment to high quality health care. The current system isn't set up to allow me or my fellow colleagues to continue providing medicine the way we have been. We typically spend on average, anywhere from 30-60 minutes or more with families for office visits, which is much needed, but unfortunately not sustainable in the current medical climate. Most practitioners who practice the type of medicine we do, can no longer take insurance for these reasons or are adjusting their level of care to meet new industry standards. Charging a monthly membership fee for this level of care was the only other model I could find to allow this idea to thrive.

The setup of my clinic is truly unique. I am the only MD and function as chief medical director for the clinic, personally researching all of the treatments we offer and acting as the prism through which all medical care is provided. As I specialize in Pediatrics, I have hand selected 3 other doctors, each with their own amazing gifts to treat adult patients. One of which is a dual licensed ARNP and Naturopathic Doctor who is the home base for all of our adult and family practice care. Each family pays a monthly fee to be in the practice in order to cover the overhead for our specialty treatments and to ensure that we are able to offer you an intimate and highly customized health care experience. The number of families on each provider’s panel is limited so that we can fulfill this promise of high level of care.

We pride ourselves in being pioneers in a clinic of this model. We offer a very rare marriage of full-scope conventional western medicine and alternative medicine, giving you, our patients, the well-rounded healthcare experience you are seeking. I have highly vetted the adjunct services we offer and they are truly key tools that I have found make all the difference in my patients overall treatment. The caveat to the success of these other modalities is that they are conducted by my highly trained practitioners. The other services we may utilize in order to treat you include, but are not limited to: Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Counseling services, Avazzia, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Massage Therapy, IV Therapy, IonCleanse footbaths, Immunotherapy, Spinal Manipulations, Craniosacral therapy, Constitutional Hydrotherapy, and Ayurvedic medicine.

The gift of our time is a clear statement of our commitment to our patients and this vision of what I think a new heath relationship can be. We offer every patient 100% of ourselves towards the care of your families and we truly look forward to this adventure of wellness with you.