Dr. Keller was our first pediatrician. She saw my daughter from birth until 2.5 years old and my son from birth until 5 months old. She was so wonderful. ~Redmond


For a world that is rushed and you end up feeling like a number more times than not, Dr. Keller is completely present to her patients. I am beyond impressed with her.  ~Juanita

She talked to me like a thinking adult, not like an idiot. She was happy to discuss concerns, options, give me her opinion but also respect that I could make up my own mind. I wish most doctors were half as good as she is!  ~Redmond


One word - Amazing! Dr. Keller and her crew are simply amazing. Our daughter has been seen at their clinic since birth and we wouldn't go anywhere else. Through the basic cold and cough to the diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder - Dr. Keller has been with us through it all.  ~Bellevue

My daughter has seen Cynthia since infancy and I wouldn't trust anyone else with her care. My daughter, now 9, is not just one of Cynthia's patients, she's one of her kids. ~ Woodinville

Cynthia Keller is truly the best!          

~ Kirkland

When she came into the room to see my kids, first thing she would do was to sit right down on the floor in the corner, get to their level and make sure they were comfortable before even approaching them. ~Redmond


Not just as our doctor, but as part of our family. Hands down, the best! ~Bellevue


When my first son was small, he had growth issues.  We were using a major "thank you, drive through" style practice that is prominently all over the east side, and the two providers there actually made our problem worse by treating a symptom instead of the actual root of the problem.  When I was pregnant with my second, we got in to see Dr. Keller and I can say with great confidence that the quality of care here is outstanding.  ~Redmond


I love this office. My kids have been patients of Dr. Keller's for almost 7 years and I cannot say enough about how amazing she is.  Dr. Keller is warm, open to actually hear your concerns.  She LOVES what she does and it shows. The nurse staff is fantastic as well as the front desk.  ~Bellevue


 Dr. Keller visited us at the hospital the day each of my little one's were born.  I have to say that Cynthia represents the best kind of primary care. She is always very knowledgeable, helpful and best of all for parents available by phone 24/7 for those bad colds that hit Friday night. ~ Snohomish

She is absolutely brilliant!  ~Seattle


Dr. Keller sits on the floor and interacts with and watches the child for some time before doing the physical exam, and treats both my boys with great consideration and love.  We all LOVE  Dr. Keller, and what's even more important is that I trust her deeply. ~Redmond