Who is a Caregiver?


We consider each member of our staff - from the front desk to the book keeper, from our technicians to our doctors and nurses - a "caregiver".  Like any healthy community each member must play their part and play it well to be strong, healthy and successful and each member must work towards the same goal, which in our case is caring for our patients and promoting paths for wellness and healthy living.  When patients feel at ease in our office, listened to, cared for and hopeful in the face of illness we know we've done our jobs.

Dr. Cynthia Keller M.D. - fearless leader and passionate caregiver, empathetic to a fault; to know her is to love her

Dr. Keller was trained in pediatric medicine at Seattle Children's Hospital in Seattle, WA, and became a partner at Redmond Pediatrics in 2002 until starting Centered in Wellness in 2014. She is passionate about pediatric care in general, and wellness care specifically. Besides being board certified in pediatrics, a fellow of the American academy of pediatrics, she also became board certified in Integrated and Holistic medicine in 2014. In 2017 she passed her 3rd Boards, this time in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. She enjoys this balance of western medicine and alternative care and it is one of the reasons she was inspired to start a holistic integrative clinic.

She is very happily married, and the busy mother of three. She spends most of her “free” time at conferences and avidly reading about how to best meet the ever changing medical and healthcare needs of her families.

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Dr. Viv Ramos, ARNP, ND - kind and bright, with a dynamic approach to family practice primary care

Dr. Viv Ramos, ARNP, ND is as a board-certified family nurse practitioner and a licensed Naturopathic physician and holds a clinical doctorate from Bastyr University. Dr. Ramos is thrilled to have recently joined CIW to offer primary care family medicine for patients of all ages. In her decade of practice, she has learned to treasure more than anything the relationships she develops with her patients and their families and she is excited for an opportunity to build new relationships with the families at CIW.

Dr. Ramos is well-versed in integrative medicine, including the use of vitamins, supplements, herbs, nutrition, and mind-body medicine in combination with conventional medicine. She is trained in family practice yet has a particular passion for women’s health. As a conventional primary care provider, she performs annual exams, birth control management, routine screening tests, as well as chronic and acute illness support. Although, she loves women’s health, she also does men’s health, making her available to be your adult PCP. Her ND training also allows her to treat chronic conditions, such as: stress, fatigue, insomnia, mood, gastrointestinal and hormone concerns, auto-immune disorders, and pain conditions from a preventative and holistic approach.

Dr. Ramos also holds a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from UNC Chapel Hill pursued out of a passion for understanding novel approaches to healthcare delivery.

She has 3 lively children at home and enjoys veggie gardening, Latin dancing, traveling off the beaten path, and artisan bread baking. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese.


Lindsay Brown, DNP, ARNP, CPNP-PC - a smart and confident practitioner, she provides swift and compassionate acute care to our pediatric patients

Dr. Lindsay is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and holds a clinical doctorate in nursing practice from the University of Washington.

Lindsay originally met Dr. Keller when she worked for Redmond Pediatrics as a registered nurse from 2005-2007. She has extensive experience as a Neonatal ICU nurse providing developmentally-focused ICU care for premature and critically-ill newborns. She has been a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Regional Trainer for 14 years, providing educational presentations and instruction for nurses and midwives. In the beginning of her career, she provided technical and educational support for a statewide (Utah) mobile immunization program and believes that preventative medicine is essential to building healthy communities.

She has a passion for providing developmentally oriented care that is health promoting, family-focused, and progressive. She believes that the health of the child is dependent and influential on the health of their families and communities.

Personally, she enjoys traveling, listening to live music, eating great food, cheering for the Seahawks, training and competing in sprint triathlons, and spending time with her two young daughters and husband. You will find them chasing after sunshine and collecting rocks and shells everywhere they go.


Dr. Emily Passic, ND, MsAY -

a diligent, intuitive physician

, with magic hands, she works personally with all of her patients to provide them realistic solutions

Dr. Passic holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Ayurvedic Science from Bastyr University. She has spent time in India, learning from some of the top Ayurvedic doctors there and she brings her credentials as one of just a handful of degreed Ayurvedic medicine practitioners in WA state to CIW.

Dr. Passic started her journey to natural healing first, with teaching group fitness classes and Pilates, followed by Clinical Nutrition, and then Massage Therapy. Her experience has shown her that the human body and mind are complex and in a constant state of fluctuation, therefore, to treat two completely different individuals with the same condition, in exactly the same way, would never work as a long term solution…you have to treat the person….the whole person. As a Naturopathic doctor her areas of specialty include pain management, stress management, physical medicine including: neurofascial and dural therapy, craniosacral work, detoxification, and gut health.

Outside the office she enjoys practicing yoga, rock climbing and making herbal home remedies, but usually spends most of her time with her family, chasing her toddler around, and enjoying the newest addition to her family, her second son Jude.


Dr. Paul Despres, ND - friendly and calm,a traditional ND at heart, he has mastered many different modalities here at CIW

Dr. Paul is a compassionate physician who completed his medical school requirements and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2008. To complement his conventional, medical undergraduate education, Dr. Paul enrolled at Bastyr University to study the root cause of disease, how to prevent disease, how to use natural remedies, and how to use his hands to heal. In 2016, Dr. Paul graduated from Bastyr University with a solid foundation in basic sciences and clinical experience to begin giving back to his local community.

Dr. Paul started out with CIW as a locum tenens learning many of our specialty therapies, such as Avazzia, and quickly became a permanent part of our physician staff. His clinical areas of interest lie in chronic disease, pain management, digestive disorders, anxiety management, and auto-immune conditions. In his current practice, he often uses biofeedback, herbal medicine, massage, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, clinical nutrition, detoxification protocols, constitutional hydrotherapy, and orthomolecular medicine.

He lives in Wallingford and spends time working part time at another clinic and volunteering as the Executive Director of Integrative Care Outreach, a non-profit that provides 100% free, low-barrier care to those experiencing homelessness and/or extreme poverty in King County. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the PNW's trails, playing music, and fermenting veggies.


Dr. Shelley Mackaman, PhD - child and teen clinical psychologist; gentle and trustworthy, she graciously creates a safe environment for her patients

Since 1982, she has cultivated skills in the area of human development, working with a wide range of ages from toddlers to young adults and parents. Understanding that early intervention is the ideal way to circumvent later difficulties, Dr. Shelley's efforts are always aimed at maximizing the potential of each individual, guiding their growth and development, and investing in their long term well being. Her successes with youth facing developmental disorders, emotional health issues and the all important "social challenges" are frequent and reassuring. Dr. Shelley's approach is “whole-child” and includes parents, doctors, teachers and other authorities in the process of addressing all needs that affect a child's ability to learn, adapt, and build fulfilling relationships.

Dr. Keller has worked side by side with Dr. Mackaman for over a decade, entrusting many of her Pediatric patients into her care. We are beyond thrilled that she has joined us as an official CIW provider and that we are able to offer her expertise to our patients in-house.

She accepts Regence, Premera, and First Choice insurance and can bill out of network for most other major insurance plans.


Andreanna Rainville, RN - powerhouse, amazing breadth of knowledge, a maven of education and collaboration

Andreanna Rainville, RN, CN, LMP, is a well-respected lecturer, instructor, and practitioner focusing on issues of chronic illness and infection, detoxification, fertility, mold and biotoxin syndromes, Autism, pain management, nutrition, and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Her experience lies in the alternative medical community, which she has been a part of since 1998. She has had the pleasure to work side by side with quite a few of the leading doctors in this circle, including Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD for 8 yrs. Since 1999, she he has been an accredited teacher of Dr. Klinghardt's “5 Levels of Healing” programs. She also spent time working closely with Amy Derksen, ND at Holistic Healing Arts before branching out on her own. She jumped at the chance to partner with Dr. Keller and joined Centered in Wellness in 2014. Most recently she has worked with Dr. Ty Vincent, MD, learning and helping to further his work with low dose antigen and immunotherapy.

Her philosophy prioritizes tolerable therapies, better symptom management, easier compliance, psychological support, and improved education, leading to informed choices for patients and their families about the many healing options available to them.

Andi was raised on Kauai, Hawaii, and maintains a deep connection to the concept of Huna and balanced living. She is thrilled to be joining Centered in Wellness, where she is accepting new patients as well as supporting Dr. Keller’s patients.


Kimberly Doolittle, EAMP, LAc - a brilliant, nurturing spirit, she treats each of her patients with great consideration and respect for their personal journeys

Kim Doolittle received her master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine in Seattle, WA. Acupuncture first became a passion of hers after graduating from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences, when she happen to accompany Dr. Keller on a trip to Southern California to shadow an acupuncturist. Over that weekend, Kim was able to observe a handful of treatments as well as receive several treatments from him; she was so blown away by the experience and received so much relief from her own health issues, that she decided she wanted to help people in the same way. She was enrolled in her master's program 10 months later!

During her training, she completed 1,200 hours of clinical practice treating patients at the Center for Integrated Care, Northwest Hospital Midwives Clinic, Asian Counseling and Referral Services Center, Evergreen Treatment Services Center, and Mary’s Place Shelter. Aside from acupuncture (needling), Kim is proficient in cupping, two forms of body work (Tui na and Shiatsu), gua sha (a mild scraping therapy), moxabustion (heat therapy) and Chinese herbal medicine. She is trained to treat acute and chronic issues of all kinds, but she most enjoys treating women’s health issues, fertility issues, children and teens, and mood disorders.

Kim also happens to be Dr. Keller’s daughter and has worked at Centered in Wellness, in some form, since its origin. She is so happy and excited to get to care for CIW’s patients in a new avenue. When she is not caring for others, she likes to spend time with her new husband and their cat and dog.


Tiffany Jensen, RN, Dr. Keller's right hand - nurse par-excellence she plays a vital role in our patient care; always working to make the squeamish comfortable… she is a kid favorite!

Tiffany's passion is to serve others! Her first career choice was elementary education; earning a teaching degree from Miami University but with a growing desire to serve others on a deeper level, she returned to school and became an RN. As a nurse she loves to use her many talents and skills by working with both children and adults and playing an important part in their wellbeing.

She started out as a Midwesterner, then moved to the East Coast, then on to a couple of Southern states, England, California and is now a happy transplant to the great Northwest. Tiffany and her husband have two children, one in college and one is preparing to start medical school. As a family they enjoy being involved in their church, watching movies, playing games, walking, and traveling together.

"Our patients have such a variety of personalities, life experiences and verve, whether ill or healthy, that seeing them grow and recover is a joy to me. I’m grateful and blessed that you all allow me to serve you."


Alexis Krogh , RN, LMP - a grounding presence and always on top of her game, she supports our providers with ease

Alexis has been working off and on with Dr. Keller as one of her rock star nurses for the past 11 years. She is married and the mother of 3 adult children whose company she enjoys very much. She also has her own part-time practice as a massage therapist. In her spare time, she volunteers with Medical Teams International in Redmond and the Northshore School Foundation; and occasionally volunteers out at the local elementary school her kids attended. She enjoys singing in the choir at Center for Spiritual Living and getting out for a little Vitamin D exposure with her walking group too. Never one to stop learning – she enjoys taking continuing education classes for all sorts of subjects that spark her interest.


Cristy Schroeder, Neurofeedback Practitioner - a giving soul, with a can-do attitude, she constantly goes above and beyond for her patients

Cristy has a diverse educational and career background having worked for Exxon, as a petroleum engineer in California, and then launching a new career in the food service business as a cook/chef in Seattle; she owned her own business for 15 yrs until putting it aside in 2006 to focus on raising her 2 boys.

She joined CIW in February of 2016 to begin practicing as a neurofeedback clinician and completed extensive training with the gurus of this quickly growing neuroscience in Los Angeles at the EEG Institute. Cristy exudes a nurturing, calm, and grounding personality that instantly put her patients at ease, making her very successful in treating cases of anxiety, OCD, Autism, and other neurocognitive disorders.

Cristy, her husband Greg and her two boys enjoy playing sports, hiking, gardening, cooking, and traveling.


Kate Eide, LMP - warm-hearted and strong, with a healing touch - the best massage you'll ever get!

Kate has been practicing massage therapy since 2011. After graduating from Cortiva Institute, she worked in both a Naturopathic clinic and high end spa. She has completed several of Brian Utting’s continuing education courses and is experienced in a wide range of modalities, including deep tissue, myofascial release, pre-natal massage, swedish massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, visceral, and sports massage. Her goal is to cater to the needs of her clients, meeting them where they are at with their therapy. She believes in the value massage provides individuals, whether they are recovering from an injury, and/or are in need of stress relief and relaxation.

Outside of work, Kate loves to travel and spend time outdoors with her husband Matt, and their 2 yr old son Grant. Backpacking, hot yoga, gardening, good food, and great stories are a few of her favorite things.


Maryann Nakamura, Office Manager - ultra organizer, quick to smile and can talk anyone off a cliff, overcoming difficult situations with patience and grace

Maryann is from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a minor in Economics. She has lived most of her life in the Seattle area and has raised two boys with her husband Mark.

Having worked side by side with Dr. Keller for over 11 yrs, she is truly one of the hearts of our clinic. Maryann’s lifelong pursuit has been centered around good nutrition, fitness, health and wellness. She considers this her dream job; to have her work be in such perfect alignment with her personal goals. Maryann is thrilled and honored to be a part of building Centered in Wellness and enjoys assisting each and every one of our families anyway that she can.


Katie Hewett, Billing Manager - organized, outgoing, always exuding warmth and confidence even while under pressure

Katie says, "I love working for a practice centered around the wellness of its families." When seeing patients come into the office and leave with a smile because they are given hope and exceptional care makes the job worthwhile. She feels lucky to be a part of a team that not only cares about each and every patient but also about one another. Katie started working with us as a receptionist in 2011. Smart, quick, and witty, she can wear many hats well and has recently stepped into a medical billing/management role at CIW.

One of her passions in life is to care for and serve others and is blessed to get to do that both at work and at home being a mom. She grew up in Kirkland and now lives in Bothell with her husband and 3 children, Landon, McKenna and youngest, Juliette. She enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and watching football.

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Jennifer Hesselgrave, Receptionist - a CIW and front desk veteran, she is always patient and ever-gracious, all while juggling multiple things at once

Jennifer has worked with Dr. Keller for 6 yrs. Always graceful and reliable, she is a key part of making sure our front office runs smoothly and also helps out with some of our marketing. She says, "I love what I do and I love the people I work with. What makes my job so rewarding and exciting is seeing the joy people have after seeing Dr. Keller."

Jennifer grew up in South Texas and met her husband shortly after moving to Washington in 1989. At home she shares her life with her best friend of 25+ years, her two daughters and son. She can't leave out her other furry and feathered kids; Tucker their Golden-doodle, the world's best dog, and Featherby their Green Cheeked Conure.

When not working she loves to camp, kayak, and mountain bike. Also in her free time she enjoys photography, reading, playing games, and crafting.


Tess Cuadra, Receptionist - a welcoming, bubbly presence to our patients at the front desk, calm under pressure and always reliable

Tess is one of the newest members of our rock star front desk team. She joined us at the end of 2018. Tess came to work with us the way many of our staff do, via personal referral. Her previous administrative work as a scheduling coordinator at the busy Everett Clinic allows her to easily and efficiently accommodate our patient’s needs.

At home, Tess enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, her family, and being a dog mom.


Danya Kelberg, Adminstrative Assistant - a pillar of fortitude, unrivaled attention to detail, and plenty of compassion to share

Danya was a devoted patient of Dr. Keller’s for years before she transitioned into working for us running our IonCleanse Footbath study. When the study ended she transitioned to other behind the scenes administrative work and does a brilliant job helping us to keep things runnng smoothly. Before joining our team, she successfully taught math to high-schoolers in the inner city of Philadelphia and also taught ESL for 4 years while living and working in South Korea. She truly considers working with our team and patients here at CIW her happy place. She feels it’s a blessing for her to have the opportunity to work in a place full of such innovation and inspiration, making a lasting change in people’s lives.

When she’s not at the clinic, she can be found chasing around her spit-fire of a 4 yr old, spending time with her husband, scouring thrift stores with her mom, or growing her succulent garden.